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Office to Apartment Conversion is Underway in DC

Converting Office spaces into apartments is underway in DC. Is this a signal that office properties in the nation won’t experience a rebound, at least in the near future? Of course, it is too early to be sure. The key determining factor is policymakers’ decisions. The DC government seems toRead More

Should You Form or Acquire Your 1st or Next Company?

Why acquiring an existing company is better than forming from scratch One frequent conversation I’ve had with aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs is whether to form a company from scratch or acquire an existing one. Like everything in life, both choices have pros and cons. Choosing one over the other couldRead More

Scale or Vanish!

Why should you put in place an exit strategy sooner and scale using multiple vehicles As a business broker, one of my jobs is to ask thoughtful questions to understand the needs and goals of my clients: One of the questions I ask is: “How do you plan to exit fromRead More

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