Why You Should Know the Valuation of Your Business/Property Even if You Don’t Want to Sell NOW

The overwhelming majority of business and commercial property owners may not know the current market value of their business or property. Do you?

If you don’t, keep reading… You may change your mind and seek to know your business or property’s current market value.

Part of the reason why many owners don’t care about knowing the current value of their business or property is that they don’t plan to sell in the near future. Only investor owners plan to sell within 3 – 5 years. Most investors go out to:

  • Find off-market deals,
  • Benefit from cash flow while holding,
  • Scale,
  • Increase the value of the business or property,
  • Sell it, and repeat the process indefinitely…

For the average owner though, the goal may not be to sell it any time soon. They constructed/formed or bought it to keep it. They plan to:

  1. Hold it indefinitely, or
  2. Sell it when it appreciates exponentially, or
  3. Transfer it to the next generation…

Now, you can see why they resent when they’re asked if they want to sell.

I was there and I know what it feels like when a broker cold call or email or mail you and ask you if you want to sell your business.

Of course, I regretted ignoring those calls. I should have, at least, chatted with them. What did I lose?! Nothing. Looking back, I would have benefited from the conversation. I’d have:

  • Been educated about the process and how selling a business works.
  • Become an intelligent owner and sooner.
  • Gained some insights that would have helped me make my business sellable and scalable sooner.

What I’m saying is that very few owners of commercial properties and businesses know the current value of their property or business. You should join these very few elite groups of people.

Myself and my senior partners from eXp Commercial can help you just do that. Below is a short video where I talked about why many owners neglect the truth about life- things could go wrong when we least expect them and we may be forced to sell our possessions. Those who don’t anticipate life throwing at them a curve ball may find themselves unable to sell at all or disposition their properties/businesses way below market value. You don’t want to be in this category!

In this video, I also shared:

  1. Why many owners are reluctant to sell.
  2. Some convincing reasons why we all should make our properties and businesses sellable, and scalable even if we don’t want to sell NOW.
  3. The 3 common criteria most buyers use before they make buying decisions.
  4. How my senior partners and I at eXp Commercial could help you know the market value of your business or property and more.

After watching the video, let me know your thoughts.

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